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12 Year After! Actor Ninalowo And Wife Talk About Their Challenges In Marriage


Feb. 18, 2020

Handsome Nollywood actor, Bolanle Ninalowo got married to the love of his life, Bunmi 12 years ago. However, it was not a smooth sail as the couple got separated at some point but they were able to rekindle their romance.
With 12 years of marriage under their belt, the couple agree that the most challenging part about being married is staying married.
Nino knew he had found ‘The One’ when he set eyes on Bunmi. He further explains saying, ‘Love looks like Bunmi to me. A woman who is very traditional and would do anything to please her man. Only God can give a man Bunmi as I do not think of myself or any man worthy.’
The euphoric feeling of being in love appeared to fade away after years together as the harsh realities of life came knocking on their door. Nino admits that at a point, he even began to hate Bunmi so much so they decided it was best they go their separate ways which lasted two years.
Nino’s fine boy looks and career as an actor who is constantly in the spotlight did not help his deteriorating marriage. For every woman the media linked him to, Bunmi’s faith in him dropped a notch lower and her perception of their relationship changed.
This experience is why Nino would pick trust over love. He believes love is never enough because you can love another should you lose the one you love. Trust on the other hand may never be got back once broken.
They agree that they are most surprised at the pain they had to go through to achieve what they currently have. Bunmi revealed that his ‘selfishness and impatience’ led to their separation as he had become self-centered over the years and in the course of his journey to success. He admits he forgot that Bunmi had a voice that needed to be heard and respected. Realising his mistake, he knew he had to retrace his steps.
'I chose to see things from her view and placed myself in her position. I heard her cry and made a promise to myself never to see her cry again. I humbled myself to achieve a better life and happiness I enjoy with her today.’
How they were able to stay separated for two years and still find the flame to reignite their love may owe some of its thanks to the marriage advice Nino got from his dad before he married Bunmi. According to him, his dad advised him that every marriage and couple are unique hence he should never compare his marriage or its problems to any other.
Despite the downtime that their marriage witnessed, they would not exchange their experiences for anything in the world. To them, life is 'a learning and growing experience' hence, they would not wish to rewrite their love story but rather stay true to themselves so that they can continue 'to connect the dots backward.'
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