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7 Mistakes You Are Probably Making In Your 20s

Dave KE

Feb. 18, 2020

We all learn from experience, and as young adults, we are not perfect. Society has burdened us with belief at this stage you should have pulled yourself together. Your 20s are the best years to make mistakes, as you have time to improve and make yourself better. Missteps are a great opportunity to find out what best works for you. This kind of mistakes can really teach you a very crucial amount of life lessons that will shape the person you will be in future.
So don’t fret if you make this 7 mistakes in your 20s.
1.Settling for less in relationships
At this stage in our lives, we all want a companion. Someone who makes us feel treasured and complete. We might find ourselves in one too many relationships, and settling for less in the name of love. The truth of the matter is, no one can really satisfy us. You need to be complete to enjoy any kind of relationship and when it doesn’t work, move on.
Most times it takes mistakes of this kind to teach you valuable lessons. Eventually, you get to learn your value in relationships, like you deserve the very best and it takes two people to have a great relationship.
2. Taking a job you hate
In life, you’ve got to start somewhere. At times it only means you have to sacrifice something to gain something. It’s difficult doing something you do not like, but at least you tried. With time you will realize that your happiness should come first and that doing something you like gives you fulfillment and a great satisfaction.
3. Overspending on stuff you don’t need
You realize you need to look cool right? And often you find yourself buying a pair of shoes or some new clothes that you bearly have time to wear, or if you do, you only wear ones. That’s a season that we all pass through. Time is a teacher. Soon enough you may not fancy shopping as you did. You will realize you need to keep some money aside for a rainy day.
4. Following another person’s dreams
Our dreams may seem smaller compared to our friend’s dreams. Other peoples dreams could look attractive until we realize it wasn’t for us. Following the wrong dreams can change your perspective on life and encourage you to the right life plan.
5. Dismissing parental advice
Dismissing advice from parents may look rude at first but it may help you out in the end. Most parents want the best for us, but that doesn’t mean that they know what suits you. So if you know very well that their advice and suggestions are not for you, politely explain to them that you want to take a different road.
6. Failure
Falling down is not what counts, staying down is. We are all bound to fail at some point in our lives, but our attitude after the failure is what matters. Ensure you try out crazy ideas, take chances and don’t be scared to fail. You should know that failure is simply a set up for success late in life.
7. Not setting boundaries
Getting approval is always a big part of life as growing up. We want to be the best dressed, genius, talented and we always want to shine and let others see. However, we end up having life lessons that being ‘too good’ and taking up ‘too much’ could actually be overwhelming, as others may take advantage.
Growing up enables us to say ‘No’ to certain things. We learn how to take care of ourselves as we become the best version of ourselves.
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