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7 Most Annoying Habits Done By Restaurant Diners

Sharon KE

Feb. 18, 2020

As strange as it sounds, food is a vital part of any relationship. Think about it: most first dates take place over a meal, drinks, or coffee, as do subsequent outings — not to mention important milestones like anniversaries and celebrations. In fact, you can tell a lot about a person by what they order and how they eat. Sometimes, said eating habits are enough to make us reconsider whether or not another date is even worth it.
1. Indecisive Ordering
Everybody at the table knows exactly what they want — except one person, who hems and haws, isn't sure about what looks good, and peppers the wait staff with endless questions while trying to make a decision. Hey, the rest of us are hungry, OK? Just order something!
2. Caveman Table Manners
When someone sits down at the table and grips their eating utensils like one would a hammer, this "caveman grip" is almost always a precursor to a display of manner-free dining. There's a proper way to hold one's knife and fork — and this isn't it!
3. Talking While Chewing
Some people are excited to be dining out. They're excited to be in a conversation with others. This dual level of excitement can sometimes overlap, with over-enthusiastic eating resulting in rapid, open-mouthed chewing, while attempting to simultaneously enjoy the meal and make that important point. Hint: chew-talking is not pleasant for those forced to witness it up close in person.
4. Licking Fingers
There’s a scene in Johnny Depp’s Black Mass in which a bunch of gangsters are sitting at a table in a tavern, one of them dipping his fingers into a bowl of peanuts, popping them in his mouth and licking the salt off his fingers, before sticking those same licked-clean digits back in the bowl of nuts. This understandably makes Depp’s character go nuts as he watches. Moral of the story: don’t do this. It’s gross.
5. Too Much Tech at the Table
People who refuse to put away their phones during the meal or take phone calls, are just plain rude. If you're not able to convince your fellow diners to ban tech from the table altogether, at least try to minimize it as much as possible.
6. Loud Talking
Restaurants can be noisy places, and after a cocktail or two there can be a tendency to speak a bit too loud in conversation. Don't be that person.
7. Rude to Wait Staff
Many people have, at one point in their lives, worked at a restaurant, and recognize that being imperiously summoned by snapping fingers or frantic hand wave of an oh-so-important customer is not just annoying, but demeaning as well. People who treat restaurant staff like servants will often make their fellow diners cringe with embarrassment.
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