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a child slides from the chairlift, his mother …


Feb. 18, 2020

What was supposed to be a pleasant skiing day turned into a nightmare for a mother and child for a few minutes on Saturday in the Titlis ski area (NW).
When the little one had just taken a seat on a chairlift, he slipped out of the installation, reports the German television channel Tele 1. His mother then held him tightly by the arms.
Fallen in the snow
However, the chairlift did not stop, as the cable car operator did not notice the incident. The woman then had to hold her child for 300 meters. She finally let go and the little one fell into the snow, three or four meters high. Luckily, he escaped unscathed.
But why did the employee not react earlier? “He was looking for a screwdriver for another customer,” said Roland Wehrli, manager of the Berg Titlis Bergbahnen ski lift. The latter nevertheless believed that there had been no negligence: the employee was present at his post, although he reacted too late. “We will educate our team again, so that it does not happen again.”
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