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Best Point and Shoot Cameras in 2020


Feb. 18, 2020

Point and Shoot Cameras
The point-and-shoot camera market has changed dramatically due to the phone industry. But a dedicated photography device still has many benefits, and the ability to zoom is the most key. Whether it's something you want to keep in a pocket or take with you on your travels, there are many excellent options still available. We have looked at a wide range of cameras available and come up with the following recommendations.
A point and shoot camera still outperforms any phone camera
For getting rich picture quality and zoom ability, without knowing a lot about photography, the point and shoot camera still hold its own. There are many excellent options currently available. Nevertheless, we think the best choice for you would be the Canon SX740 HS PowerShot. It is a very reasonably priced camera offering 40x zoom which is equivalent to a 24mm-960mm focal capacity for long-range shots. Confidently take up to 20 3-megapixel pictures easily and use the Wi-Fi and auto-transfer your photos to another device.
If you're an adventurous type and spend a lot of time in the rugged outdoors, then the Olympus TG-6 Tough Camera would make a perfect choice. It meets extreme conditions head-on to make excellent memories for you. Use it underwater without having to wonder if it will work.
Compare any photo from a point to shoot camera with your phone camera to appreciate how the richness and quality differ.
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