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Here's how to cope with the gruesome traffic congestion in Lagos


Feb. 18, 2020

People are expected to have gotten used to the traffic in Lagos since they’ve been living there for a long time, but it’s the complete opposite.
No one can get used to getting home at odd hours after leaving your home before the day breaks. The ban of ‘okada’ and ‘keke napep’ isn’t helping at all as many Lagosians have their cars on the road and the number of buses commuting the Lagos roads has increased.
Although, Lagos is popular for the drastic congestion and high population. From commercial buses drama to joining the long queue for BRT buses, coping with Lagos traffic might seem impossible.
Just because we feel your pains and we know there’s nothing fascinating about staying in traffic for hours, we’ve put together some tips that can help you cope in Lagos traffic.
Whether you’re driving or jumping from one bus to the other, these tips will help you survive the traffic in one piece.
1. Leave before the rush hours
5 simple and effective ways to cope with Lagos traffic [ece-auto-gen]
In Lagos, you need to stay ‘woke’ by recognizing the rush hours of the day. This knowledge will help you navigate the city properly.
For example, if you reside on the mainland and work on the island, you need to know the best time to leave your workplace.
Either you’re driving or boarding buses, Lagos traffic has respect for no one. You can ask people and also monitor the times when there’s gridlock and when the road is free.
2. Let the music be your companion
Having a traffic playlist is one of the best ways to cope in Lagos traffic [ece-auto-gen]
Having a traffic playlist is one of the best ways to cope in Lagos traffic. If you’re driving you can enjoy your favorite music through your speakers, but those that board public transports should ensure they have a headset or earpiece with them all the time.
The music will take your mind off the traffic for a little while.
3. Stuck your phone with movies
For those that board public transports, you can Netflix and chill while your driver finds his/her way of the traffic. You wouldn’t even notice the number of hours you’ve spent in the traffic while you’re watching your movie.
It’s a good distraction from Lagos traffic.
4. Munch on some snacks
You might probably be hungry after having a stressful day at work. Munching on some snacks will also help you cope with Lagos traffic.
From plantain chips to sausages (gala), you can pick varieties from hawkers. Since you’ll be moving from bumper to bumper.
5. Make Google Maps your friend
Driving in Lagos traffic can be very stressful and frustrating. Making use of Google Maps will help you navigate Lagos traffic.
With the app, you’ll be able to navigate the fastest route to your destination instead of being stuck in traffic.
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