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‘Pandemic will come, countries like Italy are phot …’


Feb. 18, 2020

The coronavirus continues to frighten. Despite the efforts made by the Chinese government and international bodies, in fact, for the moment the spread of the infection has not stopped, even if in the last few days it has seemed to be decreasing, at least according to official news reports. In Italy, where at present there are only three confirmed cases, the leader of the League Matteo Salvini has threatened to denounce the Interior Minister Luciana Lamorgese if a single coronavirus patient will land in our country from a boat coming from the Africa .
Who instead decides to launch a real alarm is Alessandro Meluzzi . In fact, the guest of the Fourth Republic on Rete 4, the criminologist and well-known TV commentator says he is certain that the “pandemic will come” and that, unlike China, “Countries like Italy are fot …” because of their “doing good”. On the case of the transatlantic Diamond Princess, then, Meluzzi says he is convinced that the fault of the spread of the coronavirus infection is of the ventilation systems and warns about the risks of taking trains and planes.
Alessandro Meluzzi on coronavirus: ‘I am worried, temperature measurements are not needed’
Fourth Republic host to discuss coronavirus , together with the journalists Maria Giovanna Maglie, Piero Sansonetti, Giampiero Mughini, and the representative of the International Red Cross Capobianco, Alessandro Meluzzi it does not show, as it often happens, hair on the tongue. “Are you worried?” Asks the host Nicola Porro.
“I am very worried, also because we have to analyze the facts for a moment – answers dry Meluzzi – even the great virologists say so. Meanwhile, this coronavirus has a capacity for incubation up to 26 days , survives on surfaces for nine or ten days, it is already transmissible during the phase in which it is symptomless therefore temperature measurements are of little use, because one can be non-feverish and be able to transmit the virus.
In China the numbers probably, for reasons of lack of transparency, are not even those that have been published, but it can be said that significant areas have already been quarantined, not only in central and northern China, but also in Vietnam for example”.
Meluzzi and the coronavirus in Africa: ‘6 million and 500 thousand Chinese people work on that continent’
Speaking of the specific case of Africa, Alessandro Meluzzi reports that “on that continent there are six million and 500 thousand Chinese workers, many of whom come exactly from the area that represents the fundamental hotbed of the coronavirus “And believes that” many of these workers travel systematically to and from China.
There are airlines like the Ethiopian who maintain travel for the Africa . This case that emerged in Egypt is a tiny tip of the iceberg of a health system like the African one that is not in the least able to make assessments, neither timely nor not timely. This is the truth. So I am convinced – this is his cry of alarm – that pandemic will inexorably come . And I am not saying this but great scholars, immunologists and virologists. And I believe that while some countries like China, which have applied draconian measures that go as far as the death penalty for those who hide the contagion, could be saved …
For goodness, for obtuseness, for inability to see things. Because look at the fact that if a doctor is not pessimistic he never makes an early diagnosis and the pitiful doctor makes the worm wound. And that’s what will happen. “
‘Coronavirus is also transmitted through ventilation systems’
“We must get out of ideological dementia – he continues then Alessandro Meluzzi – because viruses do not have right or left, western, white or black ideologies. Viruses unfortunately have penetrance and mortality that can be studied. The most interesting thing I heard was that on the Diamond Princess there is a problem of ventilation and air recirculation, so far they have told us that with ventilation systems the coronavirus you do not take, instead this is a forgery.
And this also applies to planes or trains such as the Frecciarossa. I get involved at the cost of appearing an alarmist. I had planned an international business trip outside of Italy, not in China, I can say that I canceled it, because at this moment I do not consider international flights safe from the point of view of viral transmission. ”
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