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President Trump Says He Might Sue over ‘Fraudulent’ Mueller Investigation


Feb. 18, 2020

From Breitbart:
President Trump declared Tuesday the entire Mueller investigation was a scam and if he were not in office, he would sue everyone involved.
The president wrote on social media he might consider seeking legal redress against former special counsel Robert Mueller’s “fraudulent investigation”:
February 6, Mueller investigator Andrew Weissmann claimed during an interview on MSNBC that the president was going to use the ongoing criminal probe by U.S. Attorney John Durham “to punish those who had investigated him before,” Breitbart News’s Joel B. Pollak wrote.
“And he compared Trump to former Italian Prime Minister Silvio Berlusconi, saying that Trump was also a ‘demagogue’ and ‘amoral,’” Pollak noted.
He continued:
Weissmann also mocked Trump for not submitting himself for questioning by the Mueller probe, or under oath before Congress, even as he noted the president would have been placing himself in “legal jeopardy” by doing so.
By the end, Weissman had left little doubt that critics of the anti-Trump bias of the Mueller probe were correct.
Even with Weissmann directing the probe, it failed to find any evidence of “Russia collusion.” The Mueller report attempted to provide evidence of obstruction, but declined to recommend that Trump be prosecuted.
February 11, Judicial Watch (JW) revealed former Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein received praise from former Obama administration officials leading up to the May 2017 appointment of Mueller as special counsel.
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