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SHOCKING! Tapeworm Found Inside Brain Of A Patient

James KE

Feb. 18, 2020

Doctors couldnt believe what they found in this man's brain after he came to them complaing of severe headaches.Gerardo Moctezuma, the patient from Texas finally sought that help when his headaches sent him into dizzy fainting episodes.
 Dr. Jordan Amadio, a neurosurgeon at Austin’s Ascension Seton Medical Center, said that the tapeworms could have killed hi if he waited any longer without seeking help. Mr Moctexuma was lucky enough to have sought for help and the neurosurgeon was able to extract the parasite.
MRI images revealed life-threatening pressure in Moctezuma’s brain — the result of tapeworm larvae that became lodged in the brain’s fourth ventricle, filled with cerebrospinal fluid.
It’s a condition called neurocysticercosis, which can cause neurological symptoms when larval cysts develop in the brain. 
This condition is very rare with roughly about 1000 cases in the US every year.
The parasite is transimitted through eating pork because pigs happen to be an host or coming in contact with contaminated water and food.
However, the patient was discharged and doctors confirmed that he was headache free.
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