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This 'Nice Butt' Toilet Paper Caddy Is A Best-Seller On Etsy


Feb. 18, 2020

The handmade wooden box , which you can buy in an espresso or farmhouse white color, features the words "Nice Butt" on it, making it the ideal pick-me-up for all your unavoidable trips to the bathroom. And you won't be the only one getting a much-needed confidence boost every time you use the bathroom, your guests will probably get a kick of the box, too. Etsy's even labeled the accessory with their coveted "Best-Seller" label.
Not only is this caddy a hella funny bathroom add, but it's also pretty functional. You can set it on top of your toilet to store anything from toilet paper or wipes to bathroom sprays to small plants.
Customers keep mentioning how much their guests love this piece of bathroom decor.
"Elegant yet funny! The craftsmanship is beautiful and I have gotten many compliments! I am considering buying more to put in all of my bathrooms!"
Once customer even said the box had a nice scent, which is clearly a win for obvious reasons.
"This is great quality and it shipped quickly! It also smells really nice."
If you want to take your bathroom humor even further, you can get a roll of customized toilet paper. Yes, it's really a thing. All you need to do is provide the custom text and you'll soon have a personalized toilet paper roll wrapped in fancy cellophane.
This ultimate cheeky add for your bathroom is availably on Etsy for just $21.95.
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