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UNBELIEVABLE! Pogba Chooses Dance Over Champions League Competition


Feb. 18, 2020

Hairstyle King and Football Professional, Paul Pogba loves to dab and dance at every given opportunity. If ever there was a time for Paul Pogba to dab and dance, to Snapchat and sing to his heart’s content without giving a soul with any sense the opportunity to even tut, this was it. 
The French Manchester United Professional has shown his dance skills in the presence of France President Macron. 
He has dabbed with his mother and brothers on the pitch. He has also dabbed with an iconic 36.8cm piece of sculpted gold that means everything in football. Who knows maybe one day he might create a dance team in Manchester United. 
At several occasions on the pitch when his side lost a game, the French International is always seen displaying his dance skills on social media platforms like Snap Chat. Football fans are of the opinion that he is an unserious player and is a mistake to the Manchester United team. 
When asked what he thinks about these critics surrounding his dance skills, transfer to united and playing pattern on the pitch, he said “I am less entitled to make mistakes than others,” he mused. “I went from the biggest transfer in the world to the most criticized player in the world. Criticism is always here. 
When I was little, with my friends we always used to take the piss out of each other, saying: ‘You were good, you were bad.’ It’s about what happens on the pitch and I treat the criticism like I did when I was playing on the block as a kid. I never listen to it. I’m having fun and that’s the only answer I can give to all those people who criticize me or who think I am this or that.”
The 25-year-old France star, Paul Pogba has been criticized for his numerous dance steps on the pitch and off-pitch. He has oftentimes been seen breaking into a series of strutting dance moves instead of creating more chances on the football pitch. 
Find below some of his dance skits
Do you think Paul Pogba will take dancing as a career after retirement? 
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