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WANT TO SAVE MONEY? Here's How To Make Crotchet Faux Locs All By Yourself


Feb. 18, 2020

Images via pinterest
Crochet hair is really a blessing to every lady. Not only does it save you time it also comes in different designs and can be styled in many ways. For those who admire dreadlocks yet are not willing to lock their hair or sit at the salon to make yarn faux locs the crochet faux locs is a perfect option.
Many hair brands have these locs available, all you have to do is purchase the right amount of packs that would help you make a full head. Take it to the salon to have it installed or do it yourself.
It’s really easy to install crochet faux locs and this quick video tutorial from 'The Chic Natural' will show you how.
Click to watch tutorial;
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