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Why Dads Should Workout With Kids

Billy KE

Feb. 18, 2020

A study by a Candian journal on behavioural science revealed that fathers who take on a hands-on approach on parenting can positively influence the growth of their children.
Engaging in physical exercise with kids is the best example of a hands-on approach to parenting.  Kids are able to reduce their emotional anxiety and solve issues such as sadness.
For working fathers who are often busy, this serves as the best moment to spend time with your kids.
Nowadays, it is so easy for kids to develop sedentary behaviour due to spending so much time on television, video games and the internet. They develop less of interpersonal relationships and find it hard to socialize when they grow up. 
Especially kids of between 2 to 8 years are their most critical physical development stage heck spending more time doing physical activities can be the best thing to keep them physically fit.
Some of the activities you can engage in with your kids are;
Do squats and lunges
These basic physical exercises can help give kids leg strength and be a backbone to entry into different sports such as athletics and football.
2. Work on pushups
Since kids muscles are still growing, they should not be introduced to weight lifting as they might get injuries. The best way to promote strength in their biceps, triceps and back muscles is to do push-ups.
3. Go out to engage in jogging, running
Aerobic workouts such as jogging are essential for building enough gas in their chest. Mind you, children are natural runners hence can go longer distances compared to you without tiring. That is the best moment to set up a challenge.
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