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7 Signs Of A Bad Girlfriend

Henri Allotey

Feb. 20, 2020

There are signals that will tell you if a girlfriend is not the one for you, you just have to pay attention. See Signs of a bad girlfriend:
1. She fails to acknowledge your emotions: Any girlfriend that does not care about your feelings, emotions or one that loves to downplay them, should be avoided. Lovers are supposed to recognize each other’s feelings.
2. She keeps things from you: Secrecy is a red flag. Your girlfriend should open up her heart and soul to you and let you into her world.
3. She makes everything always about her: If she constantly manipulates conversations to her advantage, she is just selfish. You don’t really matter to her.
4. Too jealous: When she crosses the line with her jealousy, it is time to reconsider your relationship.
5. So clingy: There have to be alone moments for two of you. There should be times to hang out with family and friends too. If she wants to be with you all the time, there is a problem.
6. Ask your friends what they think: In most cases, your friends will notice when something's not quite right with your potential partner before you do. This is because we tend to wear rose-colored glasses around the people we fall for—and sadly, there's not much you can do when it comes to that instinct. Ask your buddies what they think about the girl you're talking to, and use that as a gauge. If they believe she's a bad girlfriend for you, you might want to heed their warning.
7.She regularly hits you up for money or demands presents: When it comes to bad behavior that women tend to indulge in, there's few things more stereotypical than being a gold digger. We've all heard about the type of girls who will demand that you pay their bills, pay for fancy dinners, and won't give you the time of day if you aren't loaded.
There you have it, if you have noticed any of these behaviours from your girlfriend, then "bro" you know what to do
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