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The coronavirus and the economy, islands of contentment and other top stories of the week

Iddy cabasa

Feb. 21, 2020

The economic consequences of the coronavirus. ⇒ Explore: Global Health
How to make your child a faster learner: speak parentese . ⇒ Explore: Behavioural Sciences
What global CEOs expect: poor growth and climate change opportunities.
India rising. Growth and poverty in the world’s fifth largest economy .
Islands of contentment. Why some countries are satisfied with democracy .
How to bring the SDGs to life: read these seven books .
The new old age: two countries act to reap the longevity dividend .
Improving lives, maintaining communities. The rise and fall of social housing .
Why do planes stay in the air? No one knows .
‘You can’t pretend this is sustainable.’ Australia faces up to climate change.
The key to financial success: not intelligence, but personality .
Generational theft? A skeptical view of social programs for the elderly .
4IR opportunities and the energy transition. An interview with Forum President Børge Brende. ( Arab News )
Are a trillion trees worth it? Discusses Forum initiative, quotes Forum lead. ( Fast Company )
Last chance for the climate. References discussions at Davos. ( Financial Times )
Nature-based solutions for climate change. Cites Global Risks Report . ( CNBC )
Forum blockchain lead makes list of top 100 people in blockchain. ( cointelegraph )
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