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There Are 7000 Bitcoin ATMs In The World Now

Henri Allotey

Feb. 21, 2020

Automated teller machines that aid digital coins and cryptocurrency have risen according to the trend on the market since the start of the year, reports have said. Bitcoin ATMs are an accessible way to acquire cryptos for whoever wants to get into the ecosphere.
The number of freshly installed Bitcoin ATMs are still increasing in 2020 and January reports showed that 6377 operating devices were available across the globe when the year started – four hundred and thirty-two machines were unveiled during the month, while just one hundred and four were shut down, which proves a growth of 5.1%.
In South Africa, there are 7 Bitcoin ATMs presently. One in Johannesburg, two in Pretoria, one in Nelspruit and three in Cape Town. America is the nation with the highest number of Bitcoin ATMs right now with 4874, followed by Canada at 742 and Britain with 306.
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