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Poor Infrastructures : Teachers Abscond From Public Schools In Akwa Ibom


Feb. 23, 2020

Teachers both in the public primary and secondary schools in Akwa Ibom state are demonstrating their grievances over poor infrastructures in the sector by absconding from their duty post.
A visit to many public schools revealed that pupils and students sits under the trees and some on bare floors to learn even as there is enthusiasm on the part of the rural children to get educated.
At St. Leo's Roman Catholic Mission Primary School, Okobo Ebughu, Mbo Local Government, Southern Annang Commercial secondary school, Ikot Okoro, Oruk Anam local government, Government secondary school Mbiabong, Ikot Udofia in Ini local government amongst other public schools in Akwa Ibom state indicate that the younger generation is suffering in the midst of plenty considering the amount of money the state gets from the joint federal government allocation.
At Comprehensive Secondary Commercial School, Ikot Ekpeyak Ikono in Uyo Local government, the Principal General, Mrs Edebilino was absent from school and only 15 out of 50 full time professional Teachers arrived the school before 8.00am, 8 Teachers came after 8am, while 27 Teachers were absent from School.
Investigations into this ugly situation revealed that instead of the Akwa Ibom state government to ensure that there are necessary infrastructures in place to aid the teaching and learning processes in the public schools, the government led by Governor Udom Emmanuel, has metted out punishments ranging from forfeiture of salaries to delay in promotion on teachers found culpable in the discharge of their duties, which they claimed is due to lack of infrastructures.
The State Secondary Education Board Chairman, Mr Umana Umana, hinted that erring teachers especially those who have received over three querie, face these stringent punishments to serve as deterrence to others.
According to him, we don't take things for granted,we ensure that both teachers and students are effective so that there will be an efficient learning.
Among offences of the teachers include, lateness to school, absence without excuse and movement from school during school hours without due authorization.
Mr Umana who promised to give details on the number of teachers who have so far come under the sledge hammer, said the state government was committed to extracting serious commitment and discipline from teachers.
Speaking further, he also said that the board will not condone schools involved in examination malpractice as they are set to sanitise the education sector.
Refering to the alleged recurring clash between students of Ewet Technical college, Uyo High School and Christian Secondary School, Mr Umana warned that students caught perpetrating such activities will face appropriate disciplinary actions, citing Secondary School Etoi as an instance .
He assured that the education board had earlier held a meeting with regards to stopping the menance in schools involved and soon such incidents won't occur anymore.
He stressed that the board will continue to perform its duty to ensure that the education sector improves adequately from infrastructural facilities to recruitment of quality teachers, pleadeding with parents to do their part by equipping their children with the necessary things the need like textbooks insisting that government alone cannot handle everything.
Mr Umana expressed displeasure over vandalisation of school properties and infrastructural facilities by host communities, urging them to rather assist in protecting these school properties.
Meanwhile in the areas visited the residents pleaded for the rescue of the public spirited Individuals and cooperate organisations on infrastructures in these public schools.
They said, Since the government has recklessly failed in this direction, we called on spirited individuals, corporate institutions, charity organisations, multinationals to help us get convince places for our children to sit and study.
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