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Legon 'Chalewote' Boyfriend Beater Ties The Knot

Charles Mensah

Feb. 26, 2020

Somewhere last year, it could be remembered that a video popped up and got viral all over social media about what goes on with those cheating in their relationship in Legon campus. The video captured a Legion female student who goes by the name Karen.
Karen was seen battering his University of Ghana boyfriend by name Papa Kofi Owusu Kwarteng aka pkay with bathroom slippers ‘chalewote’ for lying and cheating on her despite all that she does for him.
After the viral video incident, social media users from all walks of life backlashed her on various social media platforms especially Facebook, Instagram, telegram and twitter for her unwanted behaviour towards her then-boyfriend. Some even went as far as to say no sensible man would want to spend the rest of his life with her but pictures going round earlier this week proves otherwise as she has got the opposite of what social media users said.
Karen’s luck has so shone upon her that, now she has found her true soulmate less than a year after the incident and is now happily married to the man she wouldn’t want or dare to use the ‘chalewote’ on.
The beautiful lady tied the knot in a colourful private wedding ceremony with her faithful fiancé who would not cheat on her over the weekend at a secret location in Accra, Ghana.
The wedding ceremony was graced by artists like Article Wan who seemed to be the fiancé's friend. A happy married life with no chalewote beating is what we wish and pray for their marriage and a lot of sweet babies.
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