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Here Are Some of The Quirky Inventions Brought by Coronavirus

Billy KE

March. 02, 2020

As the coronavirus outbreak spreads, the world's most prominent organizations have begun to portray a bleak picture of broken deliver chains, disrupted manufacturing, empty stores, and flagging calls for their wares.
However, some groups have expressed optimism in assisting the governments in scaling down new infections by conceptualizing weird items to defend themselves from the lethal virus. These quirky, unusual objects are listed below:
Robocop with Thermal Helmets
Chinese scientists have implemented the usage of smart helmets for the Chinese police and government to fight the spread of the coronavirus and hold their people safe. Shenzen-based Kuang-Chi Technology delivered smart helmets that might be used by the police force in China. It will make sure to fast scan frame temperatures in crowds that assist deter and hit upon the spread of the virus. 
Electric Door Seals Tracking Down Self-Isolated Chinese Citizens
Communities around China have started to use electronic door seals to monitor individuals who are in self-isolation because of the coronavirus outbreak. The smart device will alert nearby officials while any residents try and depart their houses during their quarantine period. The news comes after Chinese people started evacuating, which can potentially result in similarly spread of the virus, according to Chinese media. 
Batman-Like Coronavirus Body Shield That Uses UV Light
There is a conceptual design that was created by using a Chinese architect, Sun Dayong. It is a shield that claims that it is able to defend the wearer during an outbreak. Named 'Be a Bat Man,' the safety device could be used for "folks who are uncovered to the damaging situation in the course of the coronavirus emergency," said Sun Dayong, who has a co-based architecture studio, Penda. The shield could be made from carbon fibre supports formed like batwings that could be worn like a backpack. 
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