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BUHARI: Border Closure Has Strengthened Nigeria Economy, Reduce Small Arms Proliferation


March. 04, 2020

source: nationalnewsonline.com
President Muhammadu Buhari has maintained that the partial land border closure has helped strenghten the economy of the country and curtailed small arms proliferation.
The President made the disclosure in a meeting with Bashir Mamman Ifo, outgo­ing President of the ECOW­AS Bank for Investment and Development (EBID), and his successor, Dr George Nana Donkor, at the State House, Abuja.
He insisted that the policy has given Nigeria the insight into how to achieve self sustanabiliy in food production and how to stop proliferation of small arms.
source: pulse.ng
He said  “We have saved millions of dollars. We have realised that we don’t have to import rice. We have achieved food security.
‘‘We have curtailed the importation of drugs and proliferation of small arms which threaten our country’’ 
He however express his willingness to reopen the borders, only after considering the reports of the tripartite committe made up of Nigeria, Benin and Niger.
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