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Major Tech Companies Ask Seattle Employees To Work From Home After Coronavirus Cases

Billy KE

March. 06, 2020

Amazon, Facebook, Google and Microsoft are all encouraging employees in the Seattle area to work from home due to concerns about the novel coronavirus as the outbreak in Washington grows.
Amazon (AMZN) revealed earlier this week that one of its Seattle-based employees has been diagnosed with the virus. On Wednesday, Facebook said a contractor who works at one of its offices in Seattle had tested positive.
Facebook (FB) has closed the facility, which the worker last visited on February 21, for the rest of this week.
"We've notified our employees and are following the advice of public health officials to prioritize everyone's health and safety," Facebook said in a statement.
Both tech giants are encouraging employees in the Seattle area to work from home through the end of the month.
"We are recommending that employees in Seattle [and] Bellevue who are able to work from home do so through the end of the month," an Amazon spokesperson said in a statement.
Google (GOOGL) has also recommended that employees in its Washington offices work from home, if their positions allow for it, a spokesperson for the company confirmed to CNN Business on Thursday. A spokesperson later said that policy will also apply to workers in the company's California Bay Area offices.
Microsoft (MSFT) released similar guidance for employees on Wednesday. If workers' jobs require them to be in the office, the company is recommending that they remain six feet away from one another and keep in-person meetings as short as possible.
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