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Social Media Intensifies Fight Against Fake News

Billy KE

March. 06, 2020

Social media can easily be summed up as one of the greatest innovations of the century. It has affected lives and organisations immensely, and in many positive ways. 
But on the flipside it has in various instances become a cesspool of the propagation of untruths that have led to untold mass hysteria, agony, human suffering, financial loss and even death.
The internet opened up new easier ways of harming others and perpetrating all manner of vices. Apparently, anonymity plays a role in breeding negative online interactions, from cyber harassment to identify theft, to fake news.
Manufacturing of falsehoods disguised as news material has become a core part of media consumption, especially as more and more people look to social media for news and information.
While the Communications Authority of Kenya and the National Cohesion and Integration Commission have co-authored rules to help combat the distribution of such information with a Sh1 million fine or five-year jail term for offenders, global social media companies are joining in the process to stem circulation of fake news on their sites.
-Business Daily
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