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Uber Kenya Introduces Safety PIN Feature Ensure You Are In Right Car

Billy KE

March. 06, 2020

Uber’s latest safety solution is aimed at ensuring that riders get in the right car in Kenya. 
The ride-hailing giant had already launched safety measures like in-app notifications that would tell you driver details, including license plate number, vehicle type, and colour of the car.
Under this new feature, you will supply a PIN to your Uber driver, who will then have to verify that you are in the right vehicle.
In case they don’t, the trip will not commence. 
The new feature has been under testing for quite a while, and it was high time that the company rolled out additional safety measures to keep them out of the regulators’ hawk eyes.
Customers have an option to enable the feature at all times or just for trips that they take during night hours from 9PM to 6AM. You can find this feature under the Settings menu dubbed “Verify your Ride.”
Here is how it will work;
When the feature is turned on, the rider will be supplied by a Safety PIN which they will give to the driver verbally before the trip starts. A driver will only have 5 attempts to enter the correct PIN, according to the usage guidelines of the feature.
This feature will be launched in select territories where the company operates, including the US and Canada, towards the end of last year.
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