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How Digital Services Are Helping In Fighting Poverty In Rural Areas

Billy KE

March. 09, 2020

Digital technologies that enable access to vital utilities such as water and electricity are gradually transforming the lives of rural dwellers, with a new report saying such services have the potential to reduce poverty.
The report says increased digital inclusion has seen water and electricity top the list of Pay on Demand services that are adding value to the life of ordinary Kenyans.
The study by global payments company, MasterCard reveals that Pay on Demand is proving to be an ideal resource in reaching out to the underserved population and helping them embark on a path towards financial inclusion while gaining access to products that improve livelihoods and create income-generating opportunities.
The report, ‘‘Pay on Demand: The digital path to financial inclusion in Africa’’, is based on research from in-depth face-to-face interviews across Kenya, Uganda and Nigeria.
It examines the impact that Pay on Demand has on the end-users who may be making small payments daily and are realising the benefits of products and services such as electricity, water, smartphones and television.
For Kenyans, the service is changing lives by ensuring there is light in every room, phones can be charged at home, and keeping radio and TV powered. A charged smartphone means the ability to access valuable information on the internet.
“Pay on Demand is a business model that gives people the ability to pay only for what they use, as they need it, and this is lifting millions of people across Africa,” says the report.
-Business Daily Africa
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