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How To Upload 4K video On Instagram

Billy KE

March. 09, 2020

On Instagram, you can upload videos with a maximum width of around 1080 pixels, but it is pointless to try to upload 4k to Instagram, or just videos that have a high bitrate, on the platform. 
Instagram does not support 4K videos, and the result is blurry, cropped up the view that was discussed earlier.
4K is the newest standard of resolution that is meant for digital cameras and computer graphics. It comes with multiple advantages, like large projection surface visibility, HD image quality, highly detailed picture, and improved first action.
In fact, it is at least four times better than the 1080P, which was held as the finest resolution at one point in time. It is really an issue that you can’t upload such superior quality videos to Instagram because of all the specifications it has. 
In terms of specifications, Instagram wants your videos to be no less than three seconds long, with a composition size of 1080 pixels at the maximum. You can keep the video bitrate at 5,500 kbps, but Instagram will bring it down to 3,500 kbps. The frame rate has to be 29.96frames/second.
So, keeping these specifications in mind, in order to upload a 4K resolution video, you will need to bring it down to 1080 pixels, 3,500 kbps, and have 29.96 frames per second. Doing that means sacrificing the essence of your video to quite some extent. But, not anymore! The latest apps, like VideoProc, make sure that you can upload videos exactly according to the guidelines of Instagram, and still keep the quality intact.
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