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House, Business Relocation Goes Digital, Here Is An Example

Billy KE

March. 10, 2020

Out of the tens of moving companies you have heard of or experienced their services with varying levels of satisfaction, TouchMovers is striving to make a name for itself because it believes it has something new to bring to the table. 
Besides the obvious convenience, the company, which was started back in 2014 and has been carrying out its trade from Membley, Ruiru, has a handsome website because what is the point of doing business in a city where millions of residents spend their time online without an online presence?
The website, which was launched more than two years ago details all the products and services it deploys. Want to move houses or offices to any part of the country or within Nairobi? They handle that. How about handling items and transporting them to, say, Dodoma, Tanzania? TouchMovers says they are at your disposal. 
The company further handles transportation tasks such as tents and chairs to weddings and even sets them up as advised by clients.
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