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5G Capabilities That Can Be Deployed In 2020

Billy KE

March. 11, 2020

1. Health Monitoring
While some people highlight the speed of 5G, another important part is the steady streaming. 
Devices will be able to transfer all the data right away. It can be extremely beneficial in the health industry. Wearable technologies will be able to monitor the situation in real-time. And get help if needed.
2. Search And Rescue
People tend to avoid ideas about accidents, but the truth is that they can happen to anyone. And in those scenarios, it’s better to be prepared. When someone is missing, searching operations begin. Up until now, mostly people and dogs do the work. But with 5G improvements, drones can become as good or even better in searching operations.
3. Augmented Reality
5G can make it accessible in more varied circumstances. Arnas Stuopelis, Chairman of web hosting provider Hostinger, explains: “5G will allow implementing AR anywhere. You won’t have to rely on wi-fi anymore. It will enable small businesses to innovate, to use AR in their shops, in outdoor environments, or any other locations without the necessity to provide steady wi-fi.”
4. Even Smarter Cars 
When people think about smart cars, they imagine self-driving ones. But with the implementation of 5G, those cars can become even smarter. With the steady 5G network, cars can communicate with each other and share all the relevant information. Some vehicles are already able to share their location, speed, and direction. But in the future cars will arrange merging into lanes or turning at stop signs.
5. Even Smarter Cities
Just like cars, cities will also become smarter. Different parts of the city would be able to communicate and solve or even prevent various problems. When using data-gathering sensors, it would be possible to spot occurring jams and inform smart cars about them. Traffic lights could adjust their timing to allow more vehicles to pass. Extra lanes could be opened when in need.
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