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Motorola Razr Review: A Fashion Statement, Not A Flagship


March. 11, 2020

The Motorola Razr is many things. It's one of the first foldable phones you can buy right now. It's a feat of engineering from a storied mobile brand. It's a Verizon exclusive. (Sigh.) What the Razr absolutely isn't, though, is practical.
For some of you reading this, that's not going to be an issue. The Razr is as style-forward as the classic model that came before it, and maybe that's enough. But Motorola and Verizon are asking people to pay $1,500 for this thing — a certain degree of practicality is a must. At the risk of immediately spoiling the rest of this review, the Razr won't run faster, last longer or take better pictures than literally any other phone in this price range. It's a fashion statement, not a flagship.
Like I said, maybe that's enough for some. But for everyone else, for people who are more likely than ever to hold on to their smartphone for years, is a compromised phone like the Razr really worth the splurge? I think we both know the answer to that.
Foldables are cool
Great pocketable design
Not in any way practical
Mediocre battery life
Main camera is lacking at best
The screen is dimmer than others in this price range
It’s a Verizon-exclusive
Long-term durability still a concern
The Razr isn't just a retro revival; it's also Motorola's first, fascinating attempt at a foldable smartphone. We can't deny that flipping a phone open and closed in 2020 comes with a unique sense of satisfaction, but the compromises Motorola had to make here -- dim, low-res screen, mid-range chipset, purely average battery, lackluster cameras -- make the Razr nearly impossible to recommended. (That it's a Verizon exclusive isn't great either.) Ultimately, the Razr is an undeniably cool phone; it's just one that doesn't act or feel like it should cost $1,500.
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