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Mozilla is Back to Officially Supporting KaiOS in the Future

Billy KE

March. 11, 2020

You may have not heard about KaiOS but it is an operating system that was based on Linux. It was a fork of Firefox OS which Mozilla discontinued in 2016.
KaiOS rose from the ashes of Firefox OS and appeared in 2017. It is targeted to non-touch devices with support for 4G, GPS and Wi-Fi which is rare for feature phones. 
It also has its own app store, KaiStore where people can download apps for use. The operating system is now in over 100 million devices and it has made Google to invest over $22 million to the project. It is probably the only operating system that is gaining a lot of traction outside the hegemony of iOS and Android.
Well, Mozilla is back to supporting KaiOS. According to an exclusive from the YouTube channel TechAltar, Mozilla will officially start supporting KaiOS. 
Firefox updates will start rolling out to KaiOS starting with Firefox ESR (Extend Support Release) 78.
-Tech Arena
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