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Site Aggregates All Streaming Services and Lets You Watch Shows for Free

Billy KE

March. 11, 2020

Well, All the Streams is our best hope of streaming shows on one site and for free. The site aggregates all the streaming services from Hulu, Disney+, Amazon Prime, HBO, Showtime and Netflix. 
The catch is the site chooses what you should watch so its a game of Russian roulette when you click on the website. This is a good thing especially those who can’t decide on what to watch.
All the Streams is made by MSCHF(totally digging this name btw, just like MSFTS -Jaden Smith’s recording company) According to BuzzFeed, MSCHF does a lot of internet culture related stuff.
The guys at MSCHF can take requests through a text line. They aren’t technically pirating as the company is paying for the subscriptions to each streaming service.
Speaking to BuzzFeed, Gabe Whaley, the founder of MSCHF said that if they get takedown notice from any of these companies, they will comply.
When I opened the site, I started streaming The Witcher but you can find shows like Game of Thrones, the Office or Keeping Up With The Kardashians. It is very popular with almost over 210, 000 people live on the platform.
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