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This App Will Let You Keep Tabs On Friends and Family To Make Sure They're Safe

Billy KE

March. 11, 2020

At a time when people are increasingly paranoid about their personal safety and that of their friends and family, Citizen -- the real-time crime alert app -- is hoping people will trust its service to help give them some peace of mind.
Now, Citizen is adding features to allow people to see if their friends or family are nearby an alerted emergency, such as a building fire, for example. They'll be able to see which of their friends were sent an alert and check in with them, or can rest easier if no friends are nearby. Citizen is also adding a direct messaging feature so people can contact friends through the app.
According to CEO and founder Andrew Frame, the networking capabilities are "a natural evolution for us to transition to a network product where you're connected not only to the incidents and crimes around you but also to your friends and family."
It serves a similar purpose as Facebook's Safety Check feature, which encourages people to let their family and friends know if they're safe in the event of major incidents like a mass shooting, a building collapse, or a hurricane. Citizen's evolution with these features comes at a time when some of these events seem to be happening with greater regularity.
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