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Wacom One Review: A Great, No-Frills Drawing Tablet For Budding Artists


March. 11, 2020

The Wacom One is a $400 graphics tablet designed for folks used to editing pictures and video on mobile devices. Teens looking to up their Snapchat game, YouTubers and would-be digital artists who want the functionality of a Cintiq, but at iPad prices. It still has the same baggage as other Wacom devices, more on which later, but at a fraction of the cost.
Easily Wacom’s most affordable graphics display
Easy to set up and use
Empowering for novice digital artists and hobbyists
Clunky and now old-fashioned connectivity
No touch or buttons makes navigation harder
Matte screen protector is a little intrusive
A stripped-down graphics tablet for beginners, the Wacom One takes most of what’s good from its pricier models and shrinks it down. It’s fun to use, but there are some omissions, like shortcut keys. You could still easily use this for half-serious work if you needed to. Professionals may find it too much of a step down, but it’s not designed for them.
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