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What You Need To Know About a Triple SIM Card Phone and Where To Buy Them in Kenya

Billy KE

March. 11, 2020

What is a Triple SIM Phone?
This is a multi-carrier GSM phone with three SIM card slots. Triple SIM phones support three and four carriers respectively. 
For example, it allows you to have an Airtel, Safaricom and Telkom line all on the same phone. You can only receive calls from one service provider at a go. Should you have simultaneous calls, one will be accepted the other lines will be deemed ‘mteja’ for the duration of the call.
Why Would One Use A Triple SIM Card phone?
Business: As a company or an organization, there are many forms of communication. The quickest way is through call. Either from customers or potential clients. It would be easier to have all major service operators on one phone so that you can easily keep tabs on all your clients and customers.
Travel: If you’re travelling and you don’t want to leave any of your lines behind, you can use the extra sim slots to put in foreign SIM cards.
Personal Preferences: If for some reason, you need three SIM cards, then this would be the option for you. It will help you save time whereby you won’t need to keep switching SIM cards.
Where Can You Get A Tri-SIM Phone In Kenya?
You can buy a Triple SIM card phone, the Itel IT5080 on Jumia today for less than kes 2,000
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