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Apple is Working on a Fitness App For iPhone Users

Billy KE

March. 12, 2020

Apple is working on a new app for the iPhone codenamed “Seymour.” An app that will guide users through workout routines on their Watches and iPhones.
The app will provide guidance on a range of workout options and is connected to both the iPhone and Apple Watch. According to MacRumors. It includes a wide range of activity types from cycling to strength training. Users may be able to follow along with downloadable videos.
The app would be compelling for people who don’t know how to work out or want to get a workout in when they’re away from the gym, like in a hotel room during a business trip.
It’s set to launch in iOS 14 and the next version of the Apple Watch software. It typically announces its big new iPhone, iPad, Mac and Apple Watch updates in June before releasing them to everyone’s devices in September.
Seemingly, the company appears to be providing the workouts through its fitness app for free. As there are no in-app purchases or costs associated with the content at this time.
With the fitness app, users may be able to download fitness videos that cover a range of different workout options and activities. They will also get guidance on completing those activities on the Apple Watch. Apple provides a gallery of different workout routines that can be downloaded and synced to the Apple Watch. With the videos themselves shown on the iPhone, iPad, or Apple TV.
-Tech Moran
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