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How To Manage Your Child's Screen Time

Billy KE

March. 12, 2020

Excessive screen time might turn out to be a problem if not monitored from time to time basis. 
For sure you all can relate to this subject due to the impact modern-day technology has on the human brain. The average child spends about six to seven hours of screen time which makes it even more alarming and an issue which needs to be talked about much more often.
In today’s digital era, it is easier said than done to monitor and manage your child’s screen time. 
This is why we will be pointing out some useful tips on how you can have your kids back in the playgrounds and away from the mind draining devices.
It is hard for modern-day parents to spend too much time with their children; however, you need first to set your routine before you can make time for kids. 
It would be best if you began by dropping and picking them up from school, attending their school events and taking them to parks and helping them socialize and make friends who share the same interest in spending less time in front of the screen.
-Tech Moran
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