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Top 5 Best Electric Unicycle


March. 12, 2020

To determine the best electric unicycle we hand-selected our top picks based on the following factors: speed, range, motor power and weight capaicity.
SO with that in mind, the InMotion V10F is the #1 electric unicycle you can buy today thanks to its sleek, fast and powerful design. With extra features like LED lights, Bluetooth speakers and IP55 weather resistance, the V10F is the perfect choice for serious unicycling enthusiasts and beginners alike.
 #1  InMotion V10F – Best Electric Unicycle
WHY WE LIKE IT: The InMotion V10F is made for performance and style. It features a super powerful motor that can achieve high top speeds and long distances. The internal tech gives you increased balance and a smooth ride overall. With added features like Bluetooth speakers and weather resistance, this is the top electric unicycle on our list.
Long range
High top speed
Premium features and mobile app
Software lock doesn’t alarm
Hard to get a hold of customer care
 #2  Xyout Smart Unicycle – Best Electric Unicycle with Seat
WHY WE LIKE IT: The Xyout Smart Unicycle is a super unique take on electric unicycles. If you’re not comfortable standing up and using a unicycle, this might be the best fit for you. With an intelligent control chip that helps with balancing and safety, the Xyout is a great choice for beginners to the sport.
Intelligent control chip
Super high weight capacity
Long battery life
Seat isn’t adjustable
Display isn’t very helpful
Training wheels aren’t removable
#3  SUPERRIDE S1000 – Fastest Electric Unicycle
WHY WE LIKE IT: The SUPERRIDE S1000 looks cool and offers a really unique take on the traditional electric unicycle style. With simple controls and quick charging capabilities, this electric unicycle is a great choice for unicycling enthusiasts who want to try something different.
Seat for added comfort
Handlebars with LED display
Long range
Not a traditional unicycle style
Harder to learn
Seat isn’t adjustable
InMotion V8 – Best Self Balancing Electric Unicycle
WHY WE LIKE IT: The InMotion V8 electric unicycle is one of the more popular electric unicycles on the market. With self balancing capabilities and a high-capacity battery, you can get a lot of use out of the InMotion V8. It’s also a super durable product that can handle some uneven terrain while being light and easy to carry.
Self balancing
High travel range
Companion app for added control
Customer care isn’t as great as others
App can be difficult to use
Motor isn’t as powerful
#5  LHY RIDING Electric Unicycle – Best Self Balancing Electric Unicycle
WHY WE LIKE IT: The LHY RIDING Electric Unicycle looks just like a traditional unicycle, seat and all. All that’s missing are the pedals you’d find on a non-electric unicycle. While it doesn’t have as powerful a motor as others, it can still travel at a decent speed and for a good range.
Includes extra accessories
Looks just like a unicycle
Seat included
Weaker motor
Not as balanced
Has a hard time on difficult terrain
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