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What Is TikTok, and Why Are Teens Obsessed with It?

Billy KE

March. 12, 2020

TikTok: teens love it, and parents don’t understand it. Brands want to make money off it. It is, perhaps, the most controversial (and beloved) social network ever. 
Downloads of the app are rapidly outstripping those of more established social networks, like Twitter and Facebook. TikTok even aired a commercial during the 2020 Super Bowl
At its core, TikTok is a video sharing application, not dissimilar from Vine, which Twitter discontinued in 2016. 
People can post videos and use an array of soundtracks and Snapchat-style filters, which can morph faces or create other intriguing visual effects.
People can follow other accounts and create a feed of new content from the creators they enjoy most. 
There’s also a “For You” feed that shows a random assortment of videos from others. This mechanism offers an endless thread of new stuff to watch and feeds into the highly addictive nature of TikTok. However, it’s also what makes TikTok such an enticing platform—it allows those with even the smallest followings to “go viral” and become online celebrities overnight.
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