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Samsung Galaxy S20 Plus Review: Buy This One


March. 16, 2020

Crisp, bright display
Top-notch performance and specs
All-day battery life
Customizable software, if not a little bloated
Very expensive
Laggy, unreliable fingerprint sensor
No headphone jack
8K video is overhyped
Bottom Line
Galaxy S20 Plus
by Samsung
The Samsung Galaxy S20 Plus is one of the most well-rounded smartphones I've used in years. It has versatile cameras that compete with the best, customizable software, and a display that's so good it will ruin other smartphone displays for you.
$1,200 is a lot of money though, and Samsung is really pushing it with this high price tag.
If you’re a power user, you’re probably familiar with Samsung’s Galaxy S phones; specifically, the top-of-the-line Plus variants. This year, the Galaxy S20 line comes in three flavors, and the Plus model isn’t at the top. We’ve already reviewed the top-tier Galaxy S20 Ultra, and spoiler alert: most people shouldn’t buy it. Insane price tag aside, it’s just too big.
That’s why the Galaxy S20 Plus is so important. It still achieves power user status, but in a slightly more affordable, less unwieldy package. I happen to think this model — the Samsung Galaxy S20 Plus — is the right phone for most buyers, power users and normal users alike. 
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