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Fighting Hard & Cases Drop: China In Bitter Battle To Halt Coronavirus Outbreak


March. 24, 2020

As coronavirus spread across the world, the number of new cases in China has plummeted dramatically, prompting mainstream media to eye on Beijing for lessons as China has been fighting hard in containing the deadly virus for months. 
A viral VOA videoclip shows that China has deployed a seemingly machine-gun high teck robot to help halt the coronavirus outbreak.
In recent days, the number of daily new cases in China has gone from almost 2,000 less than three weeks ago to under 100. Yesterday China’s National Health Commission reported 40 new cases,  lowest daily increase since the former epicentre (City of Wuhan) placed an entire lockdown. 
According to The Telegraph , China had built the Huoshenshan Hospital with 1,000 new hospital beds within ten days in a record-breaking speed. Authorities also converted stadiums and other facilities into mass quarantine centres and built more than a dozen temporary hospitals to house patients with less severe symptoms. 
Chinese nurses have paid a heavy price in battling the pandemic as some of the frontline medic perished in the course. (In Photo: the printed Chinese words means "Welcome Home")
All those efforts have been praised by the WHO, which concluded in a report last month that China’s “bold approach” had “changed the course of a rapidly escalating and deadly epidemic”. It added that “ China has rolled out perhaps the most ambitious, agile, and aggressive disease containment effort in history.”
China has been shifting its prevention focus on imported coronavirus cases as domestic Covid-19 cases have been dropping for days. We call for a joint effort to fight the worldwide coronavirus outbreak instead of arguing who is supposed to hold accoutable for the case.
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