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Ladies, 6 Things Your Br3asts Say About You

Judith Abani

March. 24, 2020

Br3asts, a lady's treasured assets. They’re beautiful, sweet, succulent, lovely to be touched. Men certainly can’t live without them. While your br3asts are beautiful and all that, it could give a hint of some serious health problems.
Your br3ast is a barometer for wellness, so it’s important you know how to read them.
Below are 5 things your br3asts say about you:
Your br3ast s are growing
This could mean either of the following:
You’re gaining weight: After puberty, your br3asts grow as the rest of your body gets bigger.
It could also mean that you’re getting your period/you just started a new birth control or you’re pregnant. Hormonal changes can trigger a br*ast tissue growth.
Your br3asts are shrinking
This could be a sign that you’re losing weight or that your cycle is starting.
One br3ast is bigger than the other
This could mean nothing to worry about as no one’s br3asts are perfectly symmetrical. It could also be a sign of br3ast cancer.
Under-br3ast irritation
This could be a sign that you’re allergic to something – the underwire in your bra; it could also be a soap residue or as a result of an itchy sweater. It could also a time to wash your bra.
You have a large bump on your areola
Having a large bump on your areola could mean you have a benign cyst or cancerous tumour.
You have hairs on your br3ast
This could mean that you’ve been exposed to testosterone cream or gel. It could also mean you have Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome (PCOS).
Itchy N*pples
Having an itchy n*pple could mean you left shampoo or soap residue on your breast. It could also mean that you’re allergic to your clothing.  
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