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Why Do Women Like Men To Lick Down There

Phil Opt

March. 24, 2020

Every time I meet my girlfriend, she wants me to go down there, she would have me to lick her pu*sy for hours without offering me s*x.
Andrews approached Scooper Observer to share his story on how his girlfriend treats him. He narrates;
We have been dating for a year now, however, after our first s*x, I have not had another until my birthday. Whenever we met to have quality time, she made me lick her throughout and if I’m lucky, she gives me ‘BJ’.
It has been like this throughout our one-year relationship and although I sometimes enjoy it, I miss having my di*k in her.
Irrespective of that, I decided to make my own research on why ladies want their guys to lick them. According to my findings, I felt that could have been her reason to make me go down there.
I learnt that they want to be licked because it is a quick way to reach orgasm because it deals with two soft organs. Moreover, there are some ladies who don’t c*m early and licking is the best method to do reach that peak.
I remember licking her for about 4 hours one time and it wasn’t that easy. I got tired and had to stop at the end, that was the third time I have gotten ‘BJ’ from her.
I don’t know if that’s what other guys go through, but mine is just too much and tiring. I actually feel happy when she reaches orgasm, however, I feel sad when I don’t get anything deserving from her.
I’m currently confused, what should I do?
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