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REVEALED: How To Stop Coronavirus Using Smartphones

Samuel Arthur

March. 25, 2020

Coronavirus is everywhere these days and with cases rising, we look for lots of ways to deal with the spread. Today we will see how our smartphones can be used to stop coronavirus.
Firstly, let's deal with the situation where we are not infected. We have to deal with health measures to stop the spread. We have mobile apps such as HealthyOut, MyPlate Calories Tracker, and many more which are downloadable on Google Playstore or Appstore. There are also fitness apps you could use to help make your body healthy.
Cleaning your cell phones is also very important. This is to make sure you minimize the risk of getting infected with the virus.
Now to the main theme. Applications have been developed to help track areas where coronavirus cases have been recorded. This will help you get more information so as to watch where you go.
Here are some links to help you track cases on your phone:
· https://predictivehtown.maps.arcgis.com/apps/webappviewer/index.html?id=028533792e04450d9d3a85d16541051d
· https://coronavirus.app/map
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