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This Will Make You Rethink of Your Sedentary Lifestyle

Barongo KE

March. 25, 2020

With the recent pandemic of obesity, diabetes and a whole host of additional debilitating diseases , there are infinite reasons why you should take an active approach to maintaining and improving your health and fitness. While many of the reasons may seem obvious, there are a whole host of additional benefits that are less
The benefits of actively maintaining your personal fitness level will enhance all aspects of your quality of life. While it may seem as though focusing on your personal health, fitness, and mental well-being is time consuming, the benefits you receive will far outweigh any of the commitments necessary to ensuring your personal health.
 In fact, many studies have shown that by taking the time to define and implement a physical exercise routine into your daily lifestyle will assist your body and mind in organizing your time more efficiently. In addition, you will want to regularly consume a well balanced diet that is comprised of whole foods that are nutritional rich.
Performing an exercise routine with regularity increases your resting metabolic rate and your overall energy level. Below are basic benefits of personal fitness and why they are so vitally important to living a long and healthy life.
Physical Fitness and Weight Loss
 Being overweight increases your risk of developing several health problems, including heart disease, stroke, high blood pressure, high levels of cholesterol and triglycerides, diabetes, hypertension, various types of cancer, gout and gallbladder disease.
In addition, being overweight can lead to problems such as sleep apnea (interrupted breathing during sleep) and osteoarthritis. The more overweight an individual, the more likely they are to have health problems. However, by simply losing weight, an individual can drastically reduce their risk of developing many of the illnesses listed above.
In fact, several studies have shown that an individual can improve their overall health by losing as little as 10 to 20 pounds. Below is an additional list of health benefits associated with physical exercise.
Additional Benefits Associated with Regularly Performing a Physical Activity or Exercise Routine
Physical Benefits
Reduces the risk of developing colon      cancer
Promotes the loss of excess      body weight
Assists in controlling healthy      body weight
Reduces risk of heart attack
Helps build and maintain      healthy bones, muscles and joints
Reduces the risk of dying      prematurely
Reduces the risk of dying from      heart disease
Reduces the risk of developing      diabetes
Reduces the risk of developing      high blood pressure
Helps reduce blood pressure in      individuals with high blood pressure
Increases muscle strength
Slows the loss of muscle mass
Mental Benefits
·         Improves self-image
·         Reduces feelings of depression and anxiety
·         Helps control your appetite
·         Greater resistance to stress, anxiety and fatigue
·         Helps you to relax and feel less tense
·         Increases productivity at work
With so many adults and children being overweight, we thought it would be appropriate to designate an entire section of our website to the sole purpose of addressing weight loss. Within the Weight Loss section of our website you will find articles that are focused on providing you with the latest research and studies relevant to obesity.
~Fitness Health 101
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