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Most Effective Way to Use Stretch Band To Gain Best Shape

Barongo KE

March. 26, 2020

Before you get started, Stokes has a few safety and effectiveness tips worth keeping in mind.
1. Don't ignore muscle groups.
For starters, just like any workout that isolates a specific muscle/muscle group, it's best to change up banded workouts about every other day to avoid fatigue and plateau, she explains.  
2. Choose the proper resistance and work your way up. 
She also recommends starting with light resistance. "Too often, I see people trying to use a really intense resistance and not getting the proper range when they're doing the movement," says Stokes. "It's important to remember that the band should not inhibit your range. It should make it more challenging to get there."
She suggests starting with the Stoked band and working your way up to Super Stoked and Super Duper Stoked as you improve. "If you feel like you've progressed with a band, move it from your knees down to your ankles, and if that's still too easy, then you can move up to the next band and start with it around your knees," explains Stokes.
3. Always maintain the tension.
"The biggest part about band work is to maintain constant resistance while stepping out, punching out, or pushing out," says Stokes. "That's one of the things I see people doing incorrectly: letting the band slack between reps. Banded workouts are often endurance-based, so you want to keep that tension in your body so that you get the best results
Lastly, keep in mind that Stokes' resistance bands aren't latex-free. "If you have a latex allergy, they're just not the band for you, to be honest," she says. "It's really hard to find latex-free bands that are really durable."
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