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Naked Woman Climbs Police Car During Coronavirus Lockdown [PHOTOS]


April. 15, 2020

In this life when you think you have seen it all there will ALWAYS be something new to surprise you.
This is the absurd moment a nude woman jumps on top of a police car following a court appearance for flouting Spain’s coronavirus lockdown. 
The 41-year-old was initially detained after neighbours alerted police to a woman streaking during the daily round of applause for emergency workers in the Costa del Sol resort of Torremolinos.
Immediately after she was released on bail she stripped off and leapt on top of the cruiser. 
After being smaked with a truncheon and pinned to the floor completely starkers the woman was taken to a waiting ambulance.
Three officers soon took her back into custody.
She was taken to a hospital for an evaluation, Diario AS reports.
She was picked up by Spanish cops after "annoying" locals during Spain's nightly 8pm clap for emergency and key workers.
Reports say she was spotted streaking and "running around" during the daily applause.
The women is said to have also been captured - clothed - and resisting arrest but stripped off as she got to caught.
She was then filmed in the buff after being released on bail, before jumping on top of the cop car.
She then tussles with police before being hit with a truncheon and is taken into a waiting ambulance.
Spain's present lockdown orders is much more strict than in the UK, with citizens not allowed outside their homes only for essential services.
Children haven’t left their homes in weeks, exercise is prohibited and there are even regulations about which supermarket you can visit.
Karen Maling Cowles, President of Benidorm's British Businesses Association told Sun Online Travel: “A lot of people don’t seem to be aware how strict it is in Spain.
The children have been stuck in their homes for a month, they aren’t allowed out at all - not even to the supermarket.
“Those who have dogs are allowed to walk them a maximum of 100m from their homes and no one goes out for exercise.
“I saw a clip on social media of a girl jogging recently and everyone from the tower block behind her was cheering the police as they slammed her to the floor.”
In Spain, the only time people are allowed to leave the house is to go on what are deemed as essential goods and services, like food and medicine shopping or to visit the bank - and they have to go alone.
But even then they face thorough investigations by police and members of the armed forces, who have set up checkpoints all over the country
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