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Unbelievable! Meet The Women With The Largest Hips Who Can't Go Through Doors [Video]

Dennis KE

May. 17, 2020

Marlena, Mikel, Denise, and Claudia have a combined hip circumference of almost 27 foot.
Each of the voluptuous ladies is using their enormous dimensions to their advantage, and they couldn’t be happier with their sizeable saddlebags.
Curvesome Mikel Ruffinelli, 42, currently holds the world record for the biggest hips, measuring in at a well-rounded eight foot.
The mum-of-four, from Los Angeles, loves her womanly shape and husband Reggie worships her statuesque form.
Mikel said: “I’m extreme, I have an extreme physique. I love my curves, I love my hips and I love my assets.”
But with the visual perks come the physical drawbacks and Mikel is forced to side-shuffle around her house to avoid getting stuck in corridors and even struggles to fit in the shower.
She is forced to drive a wide truck which she accesses using a step ladder as she doesn’t fit into a standard size car.
Cheeky granny Denise Souder, or ‘Sweet Cheeks’ as she is known, is a 56-year-old Las Vegas stripper whose hips measure 74 inches – twice the size of the average woman.
Sassy Denise sells scantily clad clips of her hips online and even ropes her ‘weight gainer’ daughter Rachel, 23, in for the saucy shows.
Denise’s partner Steve is a self-confessed chubby chaser who admits that his lover would become significantly less attractive to him if she lost her hips.
The pair met when Steve posted an ad in the local paper looking for a woman over 21 stone and the pair went on to marry.
But twelve years ago Steve left Denise for a bigger woman.
Steve broke up with his new love when she decided to have weight loss surgery, and a year ago, he rekindled his relationship with Denise.
And whilst Steve is happy to fatten up Denise further, he admits her suffering health makes him feel guilty.
Denise suffers from arthritis in her hips and knees, which affects her mobility and can be painful.
Marlena Plummer, 35, is a hip-heavy singleton from New York whose hips span an impressive 83 inches.
But far from letting her hefty hips hold her back, active Marlena partakes in swimming and even pole dancing in her spare time.
And now she is on the lookout for love.
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