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Coronavirus: What can you do in Scotland from Friday?


May. 28, 2020

After almost 10 weeks of lockdown, some restrictions are due to be eased. Families and friends will be able reunite (outdoors and at a distance), people will be able to play some sports and visit garden centres, and councils are due to reopen their recycling centres.
But with Nicola Sturgeon still urging people to "stay at home" as much as possible to contain the spread of the virus, life will remain far from normal.
So what exactly can people in Scotland do from Friday?
Seeing family and friends
Image copyright Getty Images Image caption Socially-distances trips to the beach could be on the cards this weekend
Expect a lot of socially-distanced picnics and barbecues this weekend.
From Friday, one household can meet up with another household - as long as they are outside in areas like a park or a private garden.
Despite weeks apart, they must resist the urge to hug each other as each family must remain two metres (6ft) from each other.
Hand-washing and hygiene should also be a priority and people should avoid touching hard surfaces like gates, walls, fences and park benches.
In total, the group meeting up should be no larger than eight - so two families-of-four can meet in the park but two households of five cannot.
Read the Scottish government guidelines
They are being asked to limit their meetings to one household per day, not meeting several families on the same day.
And if they are planning to share a barbecue, each household should bring their own food, cutlery and crockery.
People will also need to think about the distance they are travelling to meet family and friends.
The guidance says we should not go inside other people's homes - so if your destination is so far away that you will need to use someone else's bathroom, you should not go.
Having fun outside
Image copyright PA Media Image caption The first minister has asked people to avoid crowded places
With a warm weekend forecast, the first minister has given the green light to more outdoor recreation.
From Friday, people will be allowed to sunbathe and sit in parks and open areas.
They will be permitted to travel locally - by walking or cycling - for recreation, but the government's "strong advice" is that they should not go any further than five miles.
Ms Sturgeon said she did not want large numbers of people at tourist hotspots or local beauty spots.
"If you go somewhere and find it crowded, change your plans, use your judgement and go somewhere else," she said.
Image copyright Getty Images
However, people will also be able to get back to playing on golf courses , as restrictions are lifted on non-contact sports.
Other sports which will be allowed include:
angling archery athletics - running/jogging croquet cycling horse-riding lawn bowls outdoor tennis walking water sports
The Scottish government says it is not an exhaustive list but people must use their own judgement and maintain physical distancing.
One-on-one personal training and coaching is also permitted if it is outside and they can keep apart.
Garden centres and other businesses
Image copyright PA Media
Businesses like pubs, cinemas, theatres, hairdressers and clothing stores must remain closed during phase one of the lockdown easing.
However, garden centres and plant nurseries will be able to open their doors from Friday, as long as they have distancing measures in place.
The construction industry will be able to start preparing their sites for reopening in the future.
Beechgrove host welcomes garden centre reopening
And the government said it would no longer be discouraging drive-through food outlets from re-opening.
Businesses which are not obliged by law to remain closed must ensure their employees can remain two metres from each other.
Household waste recycling centres will also be allowed to re-open from Monday.
Read the Scottish government advice to businesses on physical distancing
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