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Coronavirus: Peter Gough died at Oxford hospital after 'lack of PPE'

Kwao Joseph

May. 30, 2020

The daughter of a hospital worker who died after contracting coronavirus said her father should have been better protected from the disease.
Peter Gough, who was 56, worked at the John Radcliffe Hospital in Oxford as an admin assistant and died on 12 May.
Emma Gough said staff like him should be able to work from home or have access to personal protective equipment (PPE).
Oxford University Hospitals Trust said it had followed government guidance.
Image copyright BBC Sport Image caption Emma Gough called on Oxford University Hospitals Trust to do more to protect admin staff
Ms Gough said: "I don't believe the guidance for protecting admin workers is sufficient - they could do more.
I don't know whether that could be more working from home, or more cleaning of shared spaces, or more provision of PPE."
She told BBC South Today: "By speaking out I hope it will encourage the hospital to make more positive changes.
"Even if this saves one other person then it'll be worth it."
'Dad not there'
Ms Gough said: "The sun is out and we are still getting on with our lives, but this is going to change our lives.
"I'll go back to university and I'll graduate, but my dad won't be there.
"I've got a boyfriend and I'd like to get married one day, but my dad won't be there."
A friend has previously said how Mr Gough worried about a lack of hand sanitiser at the hospital.
Oxford University Hospital's chief people officer, Terry Roberts, said: "Peter spent his working life as a dedicated public servant, joining the NHS after a long period working at HMRC. We are all grateful for his service. He will be missed."
'Risk and exposure'
The trust said it had followed guidelines "throughout this pandemic" and that PPE was available to staff "whose contact with patients mean they require it".
The trust said: "The levels of PPE are determined by the level of risk and exposure.
"Staff who do not come into direct contact with patients are not considered to need PPE.
"All staff are regularly reminded about the need for social distancing and to wash their hands in line with national guidance."
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