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Enhanced lockdown powers needed in Brighton, council says

Rogathe Hhary

Jun. 01, 2020

A city council has called for more powers from government to implement its own lockdown, after huge crowds have filled its parks and beaches.
Brighton and Hove City Council said local people feel "unsafe" and unable to enjoy their own area.
Council Leader Nancy Platts said visitors had been "overdoing it" with alcohol on the seafront and behaviour "has become unpleasant and dangerous".
She said the easing of lockdown had not been "thought through".
Ms Platts added: "We are still nowhere near being back in normal times.
"Despite lockdown measures being eased meaning people can travel to spend time at their favourite places to visit, we're worried that the impact of this on popular visitor destinations like Brighton and Hove hasn't been fully thought through.
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"Because so many people love coming to our city, this potentially puts people's safety at risk and could undo all the work to prevent Covid-19 spreading which was achieved."
The resources of the council and police is limited, she said, when it comes to the scale of the task before them.
Stewards patrolled the seafront to manage the numbers of people accessing the beaches, but some people just walked around them.
People have also been bringing their own alcohol to the beach, and drinking heavily.
She added: "Please don't put pressure on our already stretched emergency services by drinking too much and needing medical attention... or creating another issue for them to deal with.
"We need to hear from government on this as a matter of urgency."
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