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Eastchurch cliff fall: House hanging over cliff edge collapses


Jun. 02, 2020

A house which was left hanging over a cliff edge has collapsed.
The property in Eastchurch, Kent. fell down at about 03:00 BST according to next door neighbour Edwin Cane.
It had been left partially over the edge following a cliff fall on Friday evening, which saw 20 homes evacuated.
Swale Borough Council said 15 residents from four households were in temporary accommodation and has urged people to stay away from the area in case of further collapses.
Image copyright RLH Media Image caption The home was left partially suspended over the cliff edge on Sunday
Image copyright RLH Media Image caption Part of the house fell over the cliff and the rest collapsed on Tuesday
The house in Surf Crescent had been left partially suspended over the edge , while a car and garage fell down the cliff face on Sunday morning.
The family had left the property after the cliff fall on Friday .
Mr Cane said: "An extension on the side, which didn't have any dirt under it anyway - it was just hanging. That fell off and that's on top of the car that was down there."
"The main building has collapsed on the top of the cliff. The cliff there looks quite solid."
He said he was worried the hose might be burgled while it was empty.
"I'm not allowed to sleep here. I've been here guarding my property."
Image copyright Swale Borough Council Image caption People have been warned to stay away from the area
In 2015 the Environment Agency said it had considered a coastal defence scheme , but the number of properties in the area did not justify the cost.
After the evacuation most of the residents were allowed to return home on Saturday morning.
A spokesman for Swale Borough Council said: "Neighbouring properties are currently being inspected to assess the impact of this latest fall, and we are urging people to stay away from the area in case of further collapses.
"The 15 people from four households who have been evacuated remain in temporary accommodation and we are now working to find them somewhere safe closer to their property."
Mr Cane said: "Since Friday it's been hell."
"I've been trying to find out if my house is going to be saved or not. I do want to stay here - it's lovely. "
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